Who We Are

The Foundation, located in Greenbrae, California, engages a caring community of donors, corporate partners, and collaborative organizations who rely on DGF to support individuals and green organizations that are committed to solving environmental and humanitarian imperatives in all regions of the world. Projects supported by DotGreen involve the local community, recognized area specialists, and our own DotGreen Advisors’ for the assurance that thoughtful green action takes place for both people (and their economies) and planet (resources and habitat) and to ensure local sustainability of the project and its progress.

Our team consists of leaders in many fields, donors, and a passionate staff as well as volunteers who are knowledgeable and eager to spread the grass-roots green movement and support solutions to environmental necessities. The DotGreen Foundation is a Not-for-Profit Public Charity with a U.S. 501(c)(3) Tax Exemption status aimed at improving life across the globe for all people and our planet through supporting the sustainable use and protection of our planet’s resources and for a future we all want.