The DotGreen project was founded in 2007 by Annalisa Roger, a mother of four from Northern California’s San Francisco Bay Area. She grew up adjacent to thousands of coastal acres of wilderness nature, a special area of coastal land made famous in the 2013 movie about land conservation, “Rebels With A Cause.” In the 1970s, organic food was already popular in Mill Valley as was the awareness of seeking a healthier lifestyle outside of the status quo. Growing up in Marin County, and traveling internationally with her family provided Roger with a deep interest in protecting our world’s natural resources and healthy lifestyle for all people. Raising children, is an opportune time to teach them to be stewards of their environment, yet learning about what is going on environmentally around the world is concerning for the next generation’s future on this planet. This led to the co-creation of a foundation with Roger’s childhood friend, Jennifer Knoll and California IP Attorney, Bret Fausett. The DotGreen Foundation supports people and businesses by creating a pathway for them to participate and ‘go green’ so everyone can be part of the solution and “go green” in meaningful ways that lead to building a more sustainable future for all people.

While DotGreen Foundation is headquartered in Greenbrae, California, its efforts extend to regions around the world; the DotGreen Foundation recognizes the need for local action to create global solutions, and utilizes regional intelligence through DotGreen Bureaus and community involvement. Some of the earlier events are called “People and Planet” where unlikely partners come together to learn, and take action alongside local organizations. This shared experience between people from around the world fosters a sense of community around a small and vulnerable planet. Participants at People and Planet events can translate their experience to green thinking and green action back home – in various parts of the world.